January 2019: Recording


“Y1: Silence of the deep” is a documentary about the Katsonis submarine which has been sunken during the II W.W.

Galan Trio has been asked to compose and record the music for this documentary. Recordings have been taken place in January 2019.

More info to be announced.

Spring 2019: Recording for “Naxos”

A chamber music concert took place in July 2019, where Galan Trio has performed among others the “flowing memories” by George Kontogiorgos. After the performance, the enthusiastic composer proposed to Galan Trio a recording for “Naxos”; An album with compositions by Kontogiorgos and transcriptions on his songs by Christos Hatzis.

More info to be announced.

November 2019: concert at “megaron”

Debut concert for Galan Trio at Megaron: the Athens music hall.

More info to be announced.